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Our team

The Alima team is made of more than 650 people, two thirds of which are medical staff. The head office of the associations are in Montreuil, close to Paris, France. Fifteen permanent members work there, all of which have a rich and singular personal experience of medicine and humanitarian emergency. A good part of the team is made of all the jobs needed for establishing medico-humanitarian and research projects. You will find beneath a quick presentation of the main executives of the association.

Augustin Augier

Chief Executive Officer

After obtaining a diploma at ESCP Europe, Augustin Augier worked four years in politics. He joined Doctors Without Borders  in 2005 and  worked as project coordinator, in Sudan and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He participated in the creation of ALIMA in 2009.

Eric Barte de Sainte Fare

Support Service

Having studied art at The National School of Fine Arts ( Beaux arts ) in Paris and having 15 years’ experience in humanitarian aid as a project director and especially as a logistics officer, he is the co-founder of ALIMA – a commitment which he explains with the following words:  “… These medical and humanitarian projects underline the essential character of human resources, especially national, local ones… After numerous years, my participation in ALIMA – with its main goals of operational proximity, medical quality and collaboration in partnership – is a logical consequence of my desire to foster the evolution of humanitarian answers to medical and vital needs.”

Guillaume Le Duc

Chief Operating Officer

Guillaume Le Duc worked for many years for Doctors without Borders in New York, Niger and Congo in different positions ranging from communication, head of mission to project coordination. Guillaume joined ALIMA in September 2010 and acts as Chief Operating Officer.

Isabelle Defourny

Programs director

Doctor in medicine, Isabelle decided very soon to work as a humanitarian. She worked 12 years for Doctors without Border. She held several positions in Yemen, Liberia and Sudan, and worked as programs manager in the headquarters. She took part in the development of new approaches to treat malnutrition. She participated in the creation of ALIMA and joined the team at the beginning of 2012.

Caroline Dulinge

Human ressources manager

After obtaining a diploma in Management and Human Resources, Caroline participated in several programs with Doctors Without Borders in Congo, Chad, Nepal and Kurdistan, as administrator and financial & Human resources coordinator. In 2008, she rejoined Doctor Without Borders’ headquarters in the department of Human Resources. She rejoined ALIMA in 2011.  

Yaya Toure

Internal oversight manager

Yaya was born and studied in Dakar where he obtained a Bachelor in Management and a Master’s degree in Audit and Finance control. He first worked for ten years as financial controller before deciding to get really involved in humanitarian action. He worked for Plan International and Action Against Hunger and joined ALIMA in 2012 as responsible of internal control.

SAM_1452 - Copie
Caroline Seugé

Funders and partnerships relations officer

Caroline obtained a Master’s degree in tropical agronomy and a PhD in soil biology. In 2004, desiring to take concrete actions in the field, she started to participate in humanitarian programs through Africa and in Haiti. She worked successively as program manager and coordinator in Burundi, Ivory Coast, Chad, Central African Republic and Niger. Particularly interested in ALIMA because of its new approach and the support provided to local NGO, she joined the team in 2011.