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ALIMA’s projects are varied, from an emergency presence and surgery right after Haiti’s earthquake in January 2010 to the treatment of cholera epidemics or malnutrition. ALIMA also sets up research projects, such as precise data collecting aiming at validating or not a type of operational answer. The common features of these actions lay in the employed approach.

ALIMA allows expertise transfer by a close partnership with local organizations. Thanks to its humanitarian experience, ALIMA creates links and synergies between complementary actors that do not necessary know each other. ALIMA actively contributes to the medical innovation by encouraging and participating in operational research; it openly ambitions to elaborate new observation strategies in humanitarian intervention.

Providing medical care in humanitarian crises

There are too many humanitarian crisis in which the medical needs of affected populations are not sufficiently met in terms of both capacity and quality of medical care. ALIMA assesses populations’ needs, identifies possible partners and implements projects to reduce the high mortality rates due to these crises.

An incubator of national humanitarian NGO’s in developing countries

We implement joint project’s in collaboration with local humanitarian NGO’s and support the development of skills and capacity to sustain the project’s locally.

Developing operational research projects to apply medical innovations and interventional strategies

Medical developments in resource poor countries require and adaptation of existing technical resources, which are often extremely limited in these countries. ALIMA designs projects with the aim of endorsing current methods of intervention or new innovations, through research and scientific validation.