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Treating Cholera and Malnutrition

Democratic-Republic-of-Congo-Map-300x229Africa’s second biggest country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, lives in a constant state of health insecurity, suffering from chronically high health indicators, in particular infant mortality and constant political insecurity in many of its provinces. Added to that are the chronic presence of cholera epidemics and the high incidence of numerous killer diseases.

With its 11 provinces the DRC is five times the size of France. Humanitarian operations are made all the more difficult by the country’s immense size and a lack of a road infrastructure.

Alima and its partners have been working since 2011 in several provinces of the DRC to fight cholerain particular in the provinces of Bandundu, Kinshasa and, more recently, Bas Congo, Equateur and Katanga. The program aims to treat cholera and implement a system for investigating, monitoring and responding effectively in order to anticipate the future consequences of new epidemics.

Alima also operates in Sankuru district of Kasai Oriental province to treat severe acute and moderate acute malnutrition.

Simultaneously, Alima carries out operational research in nutrition with a view to increasing the understanding of children’s medical-nutritional profiles so as to improve access to care.