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ALIMA gives an enormous importance to the financial and administrative follow-up of its activities. For us, this is the basis of the confidence that have to require institutional partners and donors. It is also a necessity for a precise monitoring of our different tasks.

Since its foundation, in May 2009, ALIMA applies strict management procedures that allow to keep the expense in proportion to the forecasts. It aims also at controlling the attribution of funds but also to control that funds. ALIMA accounts are validated every year by an official State Auditor.

Principal donors of ALIMA are: UNICEF, ECHO, the Swiss section of Doctors without Borders, the Chain of Hope, Tulipe Association, la Générale de Santé, and the Humatem Association.

In 2010, ALIMA’s budget was 2.5 million euros. 

Repartition by donor of the sums received in 2010:

In 2010, the highest expenses for ALIMA’s projects were in Niger and in Haiti.