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Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR): “Violence and insecurity are becoming normality” story from the field.

Guillaume Baret, country representative for Alima, came back from Bangui where the organization has started a medical project for the populations affected by the conflict since December 2013. Alima’s teams daily witness the spread of violence in the population.

How does Alima meet the needs of the population?

Initially, we set up small medical teams to ensure access to basic health care for displaced persons and communities living near three displacement sites in the South west of Bangui (the sites of Saint Joseph, Padre Pio and Carmel) which represent approximately 12 000 people. In addition to that, we responded to the measles epidemic and vaccinated nearly 4800 children. Today, Alima is also working in two public health centers in the sites of Petevo and Bimbo. The most frequent pathologies we treat are malaria, diarrhea and respiratory infections. Sometimes teams provide more than 100 medical consultations per day and since a few…

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The field in pictures

ALIMA permet le transfert de compétences par un travail étroit de partenariat avec les organisations locales.


In Niger, almost one in five children[...]


Malaria and widespread malnutrition[...]


The earthquake of January 2010 has hit[...]

Our partners

For us, a partner is not just another entity with which we work. We call all institutions, national and International NGOs, research laboratories, hospitals, donors, our partners with whom we share the objectives of our projects.

A new operating approach

Despite efforts by the international community to tackle the mortality related to the major medical disasters (infantile malnutrition, malaria, AIDS, ect.), the structural lack of players able to provide care limits the number of beneficiaries. To meet these needs, ALIMA’s approach offers a new kind of collaboration between humanitarian organisations. ALIMA networks with  and reinforces the capacity of national and local humanitarian medical NGOs to undertake demanding health care projects both in medical quality and the number of patient treated. These projects include humanitarian emergencies as well as chronic crises which call for medium – and long – term development projects.

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Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR): “Violence and insecurity are becoming normality” story from the field.
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